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Paytester Testing as a Service starts as low as $0.70c USD per 50 transactions sent

Create payment transactions effectively for any channel, to test any payment system and streamline your development lifecycle to deliver more value, faster.

Free subscription for 3 months**

  • Up to 10.000* transactions month
  • Up to 3 channels
  • Up to 50 test cases
  • Up to 3 target environments
  • Pre loaded test templates
  • Transaction data manipulation (ISO8583, XML\JSON)
  • Premium Support
  • No additional hardware / software
  • Reports and dashboard 
  • Test suite, test case and test run management suite

Professional Plan

+  Includes ALL free subscription features

  • Up to 25.000* transactions month
  • Unlimited chanels (Visa, Mastercard, ATM, POS, eTransactions, custom, +)
  • Unlimited test cases
  • Up to 50 target environments
  • Crypto support (PIN, CVV, EMV, TDES, AES,+)
  • Transaction data manipulation (ISO8583, ISO20022, XML\JSON, TLV, ATM)
  • All updates and upgrades
  • CI/CD enabled


* On-demand above Monthly Minimum -Test transaction available as low as .70c per 50 Test transaction

** Setup fee: $1.500 USD. Includes: basic setup and up to 20 hours of configuration support. 

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