Professional testing expertise to meet all requirements

Testing as a Service (TaaS)

The secure hosted TaaS solution offers complete testing services from gathering requirements, creating test plans, and building complete test suites to achieve test objectives for any channel transaction sent to any payment switch / hub. All in a payment ecosystem-independent environment, including customization of rules for authorizers. 

Performance and volume testing as a service

Depending on our Taas offering, performance and volume tests can be offered weekly, monthly, annually, or as needed to simulate the Transactions Per Second (TPS) throughput and capacity load of your switch / payment hub. 

Professional payment expert services

Payment professionals dedicated to assist projects that have adopted PAYTESTER® as part of their test improvement initiatives to increase the speed and quality of new and existing switch/payment center functionality deliverables, bringing valuable knowledge and experience to drive team efficiency and productivity to the next level. 


Flexible and adaptable, our services are offered with PAYTESTER in the cloud or on-premises.


Our professional services can simulate channels, payment switches and authorizers to provide an independent test environment.


No additional cloud software or hardware needed From HSMs to authorizers, everything is offered as a service