Test any payment system
from any channel

Get rid of the complexity of testing multiple channels and transactions and create a stand-alone payment ecosystem for a more agile and efficient testing environment.

Deliver more value, faster, with higher quality

Any channel and transaction to any payment system

With the ability to support any combination of channels, transaction, and message formats, PAYTESTER® provides all the functionality needed to build an integrated, reusable, and efficient channel simulation environment to send test transactions for payment systems such as switches and hubs. 

A real test solution

PAYTESTER® handles the complexity of creating test data to certify the constant changes that payment systems undergo in order to comply with regulations, remain competitive and deliver the value customers expect. Create complete test suites with test cases that can be reused to meet your many testing needs, with the flexibility to run tests manually or as part of an automation pipeline.

Increase efficiency, increase quality

PAYTESTER® creates repositories with all the test cases (transactions) defined for the test suite. These test cases are used to create repositories to send transactions to multiple target environments such as development, QA, staging and even production. Increased efficiency and agility while adding quality to daily deliverables. 

Self-sufficient payment ecosystem

PAYTESTER® simulates channels that send transactions to your payment system, in addition to acting as an authorizer, branded network or core banking system. PAYTESTER® creates its own payment ecosystem test environment, all without third-party dependencies

PAYTESTER® facilitates the testing pathway by providing ways to meet the needs of many types of tests, including, but not limited to:

Performance and volume tests

Create new test suites or leverage existing test suites to run at the staging or production stage to understand the transaction load on your payment center or backend support, or at the setup stage to verify whether changes could impact scalability and performance in production. 

Functional tests

Run test suites, with specific test cases to test the reliability of your payment center in production. Test cases are run on a scheduled basis and real-time results are analyzed according to predefined KPI thresholds and alerts are generated as needed. 

Regression test

Increase the quality of your payment center by creating and maintaining regression test sets to run as needed or as part of an automated process. 

Integration test

Extend the scope of your testing by defining specific test suites to accelerate and improve your local and external payment center integration testing. 


Integrate security and cryptographic requirements into your payment testing strategy

Transform any data into the desired transaction

Automation makes test execution reliable, in addition to the ability to discover problems quickly